One-on-one coaching and trainings help adults identify and meet their career goals.

Standing for resources, independence, success, and employment, The RISE Initiative offers individualized support for adults while they work on the fundamentals of getting a job, such as resume building, job application submission, interviewing, and networking.

From the moment participants walk through the door, they are paired with a coach for an employment assessment and work-readiness evaluation. They then begin short- and long-term career planning with staff coaches based on their skills, experience, and interests. Most importantly, career goals are self-identified to ensure futures are as fulfilling as they are fruitful.

Workshops on essential skills, like time management, conflict resolution, and public speaking are offered weekly. And an emphasis on peer-to-peer support is encouraged, helping participants expand their networks and build connections.

Additional support is offered by staff specialists who help participants plan and achieve their goals. Specialties include college and career readiness, finances, and employment, respectively.

Our goal is that each and every RISE graduate has a clear career path with opportunities for professional—and personal—growth.

Pre-registration is required and attending an enrollment event is mandatory to enroll in The RISE Initiative.

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