Easter Every Day

As a people of faith, we take sure and certain hope in the power of the resurrection.

We know in the Book of Common Prayer:

Christ has died.
Christ has risen.
Christ will come again.

We know the resurrection of Easter is the bedrock of our faith, but what about the miracle of the resurrections that occur every day?

The individual who rises from the depth of addiction to live of life of sobriety; the individual who in the face of deep poverty lifts themselves and breaks the generational cycle; the individual who while homeless, stays in school, finds employment, and secures a stable and secure housing; the youth without parents or mentors seeking their way in the world without guidance and unconditional love.

For these individuals, the resurrection is very much a today event.

While we celebrate Easter and the power of its story, one needs to look to the stories of resurrection that are unfolding all around you in some of the darkest tombs you will ever find.

The power of these stories that are all around us is that they are ones you can help write. In this season of Easter when we celebrate the triumph of our Lord over death, lets us remember the thousands of individuals that face homelessness, addiction, abuse, and the adversity brought on by poverty, and offer help in a modern resurrection story.

Give of your time, give of your talent, give of your treasure, and direct your gifts to aid the stranger in our midst. Why not use this season to look into your heart, into your faith tradition, and help raise up a fellow human being out of the darkness and into the light? Now that would be an Easter morning.