Listen: ECS Featured on Executive Leaders Radio

You don’t need to be a high-powered executive to be a leader.

Executive Leaders Radio is a nationally-syndicated show hosted by Herb Cohen that focuses on what makes people tick and features a slew of guests in leadership roles.

Herb recently visited Episcopal Community Services to host a round-table discussion with ECS thought leaders, staff, coaches, and program graduates who’ve faced and beat adversities in their lives or removed barriers for others in need. Listen to the interview here.

The discussion brought together:

  • Victoria Bennett, MHS, chief inclusion and advocacy officer
  • James Burks, MSW, director of workforce development
  • Evan Colgan-Davis, opportunity development coach
  • Nancy DeLaura, manager of volunteer programs
  • Linda Nesbitt-Bullock, former RISE Initiative participant
  • Myles O’Grady, former RISE Initiative participant
  • Josh Silverbauer, CEO of Grue & Bleen, a local digital agency, and ECS employer partner

We see leadership qualities in every person and at every level here—be they a program manager, donor, participant, or volunteer. We see the courage it requires to take the helm in life and reroute or to provide direction to somebody else. And we agree with Herb: There’s much to learn when people share their stories of challenge and success.

Listen to the interview here.