Inspiring ECS Video Wins

Back in January, ECS participated in the Philly DoGooder "Hackathon." The event paired local organizations with volunteer filmmakers. Each team had 12 days to make a video to be entered into a competition.

ECS youth programming participant Jay Frye volunteered to come along. He ended up spending two days with the film crew, opening his life to them and sharing how ECS had gotten him back on track. The resulting video was not only inspirational, it was judged the best among all 39 videos completed in the Hackathon.

Jay is just one participant in one ECS program, but his story highlights what makes each of our programs special. Please take three minutes to watch this video. The inspiration will carry you through your day.

Special thanks to PhillyDoGooder and especially the film crew who volunteered their time, talent and resources: Alex Levin, Dutch Godshalk, Joshua Ottey and Drew Patrick Williams.