Join Today: The Recurring Giving Circle

Change doesn’t happen overnight.

We know this to be true for ourselves and for the individuals and families we work with every day, week, and month of every year. They are on journeys to establish a life of self-sufficiency.

This work requires patience and perseverance. And it requires resources. Nevertheless, our commitment to changing lives is firm.

Luckily, we are not alone in this mission. The desire to create lasting change is shared by a community of donors who give to ECS on a regular basis—many through the Recurring Giving Circle. Their gifts go toward the growths and milestones accomplished by our participants time and time again.

Recurring gifts are an efficient way to spread your giving throughout the year, sustaining our work in the dollar amount of your choice.

By opting-in to the Recurring Giving Circle, you join other dedicated supporters who have pledged to help make the path the prosperity available to all.

Your recurring gift:

  • helps make your personal philanthropic giving obligations easier to fulfill
  • is flexible and may be increased, decreased, paused, or canceled with ease, if you so choose
  • will be charged to your credit or debit card safely and automatically monthly, quarterly, or semiannually
  • allows ECS to save on administrative costs with predictable sources of income, an additional gift to us

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but joining the Recurring Giving Circle is one way to support to our participants every step of the way.

Join the Recurring Giving Circle today by visiting Simply click the “Make this a recurring gift” box on the online form and set the dollar amount and recurrence rate that’s best for you.

For more information, contact Jessica Main, MSW, LSW, director of The ECS Fund, at 215.351.1438 or