Meet Robin: A Strong Woman with a Story of Triumph

Late one evening, after a night of partying and heavy drug use, Robin realized enough was enough. As she stood outside waiting for the bus to arrive, she knew she had hit rock bottom.

When the driver pulled up, she asked him to help her find a rehabilitation center. Having experienced homelessness and battles with addiction for years, Robin was ready for positive changes.

Her life had not panned out as expected. She grew up with deep admiration for her mother, who provided for and pampered Robin in their North Philadelphia home. At this point in time, Robin was a mother herself, and she felt guilty about the life she was leading and the example she was setting.

After treatment, she and her teenaged children were accepted into our permanent supportive housing program, which provides long-term rental assistance and supportive services to families with a history of chronic homelessness and a disability.

“If it had not been for ECS accepting me and my family, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have died out in the streets,” she said.

Through the years, she’s formed a bond with her case manager. To Robin, he’s family. He has seen her through hard times and, without judgment, has connected her to different supports needed. With ECS’ help, Robin has been able to rebuild her life. And according to her, the most rewarding part is that she’s a mother her children can say they are proud of.

“ECS helped me find myself again … They [had] seen something in me that I didn’t even see in myself,” she said.

If you stop by Robin’s house today, the door is always open for visitors. Neighbors often stop by to chat or drop off leftovers. Kids and teens on the block—who she gives tough love to—affectionately refer to her as “mom.” She says her neighbors like to check in on her, but we have a feeling it’s actually Robin who’s watching out for them.

See for yourself.