More than Bells and Whistles

We hope you’ve had the chance to fully peruse our new website, click through its features, and see all the content that fills it.

It was beautifully designed and created in partnership with our friends at J2 Design and most of the photography was captured by the amazingly talented Matt Stanley. For more than a year, our team worked diligently to create a site that contains something for everyone.

The new is yours for the making. It’s whatever you need it to be.

It’s a website that provides you with a clear picture of our work. It’s one you can use to get more involved in our shared community by volunteering. It’s a site that shows the sort of impact you’re making when you give a gift. It’s one that shares stories and celebrates the success of our participants. And, most importantly, it’s one that is easy to navigate if you’re ever in need of some help.

The name Episcopal Community Services is known by many through our programs. Some people know us because they know St. Barnabas Mission. Or maybe they’re most familiar with our Out of School Time (OST) program, youth and workforce development work, or senior companion services. Perhaps they were led to us through Darby, Dolphins, or Community Outreach Partnership.

But just as our participants aren’t limited to the housing we help them maintain, the job we help them secure, or the skills we teach them, ECS is not defined by a single service we provide.

Take Helga for instance. Her grandchildren are participants of OST in Feltonville. She enrolled in one of our Health and Wellness initiatives that we partnered on with Aramark. And she received support from ECS to keep her home from foreclosing.

As highlighted in our last annual report, more and more participants benefit from more than one service. (Browse those stories here.) And Helga’s is just one of many journeys that remind us that every individual has the courage, capacity, and will to achieve success.