The Forum on Justice & Opportunity connects volunteers, social change activists, and human service experts around solutions to the biggest challenges facing the region.

Change is possible for families trapped in the cycle of intergenerational poverty, and transformational innovations are helping people and communities begin to thrive. Join the businesses, community organizations, and public leaders on the leading edge of human services that will create a lasting impact.

For so long it seemed that the problem of poverty was intractable, but research in the last decade suggests that upward economic mobility is possible. The Forum, a day-long conference, showcases some of the brightest minds working nationally to explore the cutting edge work that will move people and communities out of poverty—for good.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

WHYY, Inc.
150 N 6th St., Philadelphia, PA 19106

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What if we could end generational poverty for a family in five years?

For a family in coaching, prosperity is possible.

For so long, it seemed that the problem of poverty was intractable, but research in the last decade suggests that upward economic mobility can be achieved when people get individualized support. The Forum features the brightest minds in this cutting edge work. Hear from the founder of Mobility Mentoring®, the coaching methodology being used internationally and join the movement to challenge and break intergenerational poverty.

Preceding a keynote address by Beth Babcock PhD will be two edifying breakout sessions that’ll unpack the prejudices and policies that have trapped families in poverty for generations—in Philadelphia and across the country.

Breakout Sessions

Justice: Falling off the Benefits Cliff

When public benefits stop abruptly due to increased income, people’s ability to work towards self-sufficiency is threatened. Attendees will learn how to advocate for policies that phase benefit reductions over time and eliminate disincentives to increased earnings. Facilitators: Caroline McAndrews and Karen Schoellkopf, co-founders of Leap Fund

Opportunity: It’s What You Say AND How You Say It

Systemic forces can be challenged when perspectives shift to economic justice. Journalists and thought-leaders are uncovering stories and language that have the power to transform long-held beliefs about poverty and people living through it. Panelists: Cassie Haynes, Resolve Philadelphia; Sabrina Vourvoulias, editor of Generocity; Neal McLaurin, vendor for One Step Away; and Meeka Outlaw, participant of ECS’ MindSet program Moderator: Nisha Patel, of the Robin Hood Foundation