Working together to create opportunities for upward economic mobility.

The Forum on Justice & Opportunity mobilizes a network of citizens, practitioners, and city leaders who are committed to:

  • Changing the narrative on poverty, busting myths about those affected
  • Advancing evidence-based practices that increase economic mobility
  • Influencing our city’s systems in hopes of helping more of our neighbors move out of poverty for good

The impact of this pandemic is life-changing, particularly for Philadelphians living in poverty. Now more than ever, it is imperative that leaders work together to create opportunities for Philadelphians struggling to achieve self-sufficiency.

We are busy planning to ensure the same inspiring content you have come to expect is delivered.

Here we will share more information with you as details unfold. Please check back often, but for now, mark your calendar!

Monday 10/26

Tuesday 10/27

Wednesday 10/28

Thursday 10/29

Friday 10/30

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