Our clients have diverse and crucial challenges that complicate service provision, but by addressing the root causes of homelessness and poverty, we are better able to prepare each family for self-sufficiency in the future.

Many families entering our homeless shelter at St. Barnabas Mission have already spent months or years sleeping on couches and floors or in dangerously substandard housing. Others are fleeing abuse. A safe place to stay is the first step to stability, but we don’t stop there. We provide physical and mental health screenings and assistance connecting to care. The children receive developmental assessment and educational support. Case managers work with each mom, not only to help her secure longer-term or permanent housing, but also to set and attain life goals like college or vocational training. For the 135 families who enter our shelter each year, St. Barnabas Mission offers a shot at transformation.

Homelessness results from a complex set of factors including intergenerational poverty, unemployment, decline in public assistance, the lack of affordable housing or health care, domestic violence, and mental illness. St. Barnabas Mission works with families to resolve current crises, build the skills needed to live self-sufficiently, and develop ways to prevent future homelessness.

Operating 24 hours a day, St. Barnabas Mission is a temporary home to 40 families daily and 135 families each year. While safe shelter is the top priority, St Barnabas Mission also provides:

Supportive Services/Case Management

Provides families with case managers who help solve crises, assess needs, develop plans to attain housing, employment/education, and parenting/life skills, and improve physical and behavioral health.

Housing Assistance

Helps families identify housing options; including permanent supportive housing for the disabled, complete applications, evaluate rental properties, and negotiate leases.

Parent Engagement

Provides nurturing, educational space for children and parents to learn and play and children’s Out of School Time programming.

Health Services

Provides health screenings for families within one week of arrival; conduct children’s physicals, dental checkups, and care for such needs as fevers, colds, and minor infections.

Healthy Meals Program

Teaches residents the importance of nutritious food and health promotion.