Recurring #GivingTuesday

This #GivingTuesday, make it recurring. Give a gift that honors a person’s hard work and accomplishments.

We envision a world where the path to prosperity is available to all. To create such a world, Episcopal Community Services is implementing a new Prosperity Model where participants identify their short- and long-term goals and work with our team of expert coaches to achieve them. Along the way, participants earn self-identified incentives that reward their accomplishments and motivate them to continue after bigger dreams.

Join our Recurring Giving Circle this #RecurringGivingTuesday and become the direct source of the incentives that celebrate their milestones—step by step and year after year.

Recurring gifts are an efficient way to spread your giving throughout the year, sustaining our work in the dollar amount of your choice. Just as their small goals add up and are transformational over time, your recurring support adds up to a lot, too.

Using the Prosperity Model, a single mother’s short-term goal may be to obtain her GED, with the long-term goals of college and a fulfilling career. As an incentive, she could earn study books or maybe school supplies for her children. For a skillful high school student with the goal of becoming an electrician, the incentives could be a toolkit or public-transit fare to an apprenticeship.

By joining our Recurring Giving Circle this #RecurringGivingTuesday, you join other dedicated supporters who have pledged to help make the path the prosperity available to all.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Small steps and big strides, we’ll be there for our participants as they secure a foundation for the future. We’ll be cheering them on as they achieve their goals, and we hope you will, too.

Click here to make a gift. Type in the dollar amount of your choice and click the form’s “Make this gift recurring” box.