RISE & Shine

At the end of each RISE Initiative cohort, an empty seat is hard to find in our main conference room. Participants, their families and friends, and staff swarm the space to celebrate the program’s most recent graduates. And last week’s winter graduation was no exception.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it,” as famously said by Abraham Lincoln, was reminded to the crowd of motivated young people. Some in attendance look ahead to new jobs while others will move on to specialized job training programs, higher education programs, or pre-GED classes.

From the moment they walk through our doors, RISE participants are paired with a career coach to complete a barriers to employment assessment, as well as vocational and work-readiness evaluations—all to help identify strengths, areas for growth, and possible next steps based on skills and life experiences.

During the 10-week long curriculum, adults receive one-on-one career counseling to assist them in resume building, submitting job applications, and practicing interviewing skills and networking.

Meeting Mondays through Thursdays, participants also attend workshops to polish their levels of professionalism. Such sessions include cover letter and resume dos and don’ts, how to “dress for success,” which covers proper business attire versus weekend garb, and communication trainings, focusing on the importance of eye contact in an interview, proper email and phone etiquette, and maintaining a professional online presence.

If you, a family member, or a friend is over the age of 18 and seeking employment, looking to start your dream career, need help preparing for college, or figuring out what your next step in life could be, this program is for you!

For more information, contact Tamika Holder, program coordinator, at 215.351.1443 or tamikah@ecsphilly.org.