Spring Cleaning Success!

Spring Cleaning has been the traditional time to shake off winter, greet the sunshine, and tidy up the spaces we call home. Sure, household chores can seem like … well, a chore, but a clean home is essential for a number of reasons. It can relieve stress, prevent injuries caused by clutter, and reduce allergies.

But what if you couldn’t get the supplies you needed to clean? Many participants we serve live with conditions that make a clean home an unobtainable privilege. But we don’t think clean, comfortable, and safe housing should be considered a privilege.

That’s why over the past few weeks we have been collecting items for our Spring Cleaning Drive to help create safer environments for participants during a challenging time. And thanks to our supporters, we were able to collect nearly 400 cleaning products and supplies for people in ECS programs!

Dishwasher and laundry detergents, sponges, paper products, all-purpose cleaners, rubber gloves, and more will be delivered to participants in the coming weeks.

A sincere thank you to our friends, the parishes, and other supporters that helped make this happen. Your support and generosity are greatly appreciated by us and by those we serve!