We know that working toward a more just world is a responsibility shared by all. We call upon you to participate in fighting for positive change.

Public policies at the city, state, and federal levels can inadvertently inhibit a family’s ability to achieve financial strength and independence.

Policy shouldn’t punish promotion.

Our two primary issues are to advocate for a living wage and to combat policies that cause the cliff effect. And our advocacy strategy is to build relationships and influence positive changes that will address systemic barriers to economic mobility.

Living Wage

Families deserve a living wage. At current minimum wage levels, parents working two or even three jobs are not able to successfully provide for their family. We advocate to raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hour and compensate hourly staff accordingly.

Benefits Cliff

The Benefits Cliff (or Cliff Effect) is a dynamic that occurs when a slight increase in a worker’s income results in the sudden loss of public benefits—worth much more than the income increase itself.  We advocate for public policy solutions that can help smooth the Benefits Cliff as families work toward self-sufficiency.

In addition, we join with others around issues that have negative potential for our families, for instance, the sharp reduction in SNAP, food assistance benefits.

Our participants report that gun violence in their neighborhoods is one of their biggest concerns. For that reason, we partner with the Diocese of Pennsylvania in its anti-gun violence efforts.