For more than 40 years, the late Raymond H. Welsh supported and guided Episcopal Community Services as a volunteer, donor, board member, and as president of the Board of Trustees.

Shortly before his death in 2016, Ray made a significant gift to ECS—a portion of which he intended as a challenge to others across the region: To join in supporting the work of challenging poverty.

Ray was a fervent proponent of the planning that led to the Prosperity Model, guiding every aspect of the work of the agency. He knew that this shift would require additional and consistent funding.

He, therefore, set aside $500,000 to fund a dollar-for-dollar match of every new or increased commitment to the ECS Fund.

Now is the time to give. Every new or increased gift will generate a dollar-for-dollar match up to $500,000. Your gift will have twice the impact, doing so much for so many.

We are honored to carry out the legacy left by Ray Welsh. This is a remarkable opportunity to strengthen ECS’ ability to serve its participants.

Give today and be part of the steady and long-lasting transformation for our city and region.