Volunteer Spotlight: St. Peter’s School

As the saying goes, “good things come in small packages,” and each young philanthropist from St. Peter’s School is walking proof.

The esteemed school, which educates preschool through eighth grades, has always been a friend of ours, and over the years, their involvement has reached new heights—especially so for the lower grade students. Administration and teachers have been looking for new ways to engage their students in community service projects, and with ECS in close proximity, the opportunities have been aplenty.

As many will agree, no relationship is quite as special as the one between grandparents and grandchildren. In hopes to mimic that sense of comradeship, first through third graders from St. Peter’s School have been paired with elderly participants to form a pen pal bond. Seniors from our companionship programs now look forward to hearing from their new buddies seasonally.

The school’s community has supported the Darby Mission, our suite of programming in the Delaware County neighborhood, in many ways. Last year, they sponsored one of our bi-monthly community meals to fulfill their MLK Day of Service civic callings. The convivial gathering was so pleasant that fourth-grade teachers, students, and parents decided to host another meal for MLK Day 2017. In the past, second and third-grade classrooms have also organized a snack drive to benefit ECS programming. We often say that food brings people closer together, and it certainly rings true here. Bon appetit.

Each year, ECS collects goods for back-to-school, Christmas, and spring cleaning drives. It’s a favorite activity among parishes and other organizations. This year, the school’s fourth-graders took the lead at school and are currently organizing a spring cleaning drive on our behalf. Each classroom, 14 in all, will be providing a basket full of supplies for the women and children transitioning out of St. Barnabas Mission and for the families in our permanent housing program.

With April being National Volunteer Month, we’re especially reflective of and grateful for the support of our volunteers. Their generosity, given in time, makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the people we serve. Thank you, St. Peter’s School.